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Common characteristics of the hotel and the type of marble materials division

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Common characteristics of the hotel and the type of marble materials division

Grade marble décor is used to the hotel one stone. Marble What are the features and benefits of it?
We first understand the origin of Marble: Marble is a metamorphic crustal rocks through the crust of the Central Plains and some role in the formation of high temperature and pressure. Marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite, the main ingredient is calcium carbonate, accounting for about 50% or more, there are other magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, manganese oxide and silica.
Marble stone features and advantages:
1, no distortion, high hardness, wear resistance.
2, anti-abrasion, high temperature, maintenance-free.
3, physically stable, careful organization, by the impact of the grain off the surface edges can not afford, does not affect its plane accuracy, material stability, to ensure the long-term deformation, linear expansion coefficient, high mechanical precision, anti-rust, anti-magnetic, insulating .

Marble concrete can be subdivided into four categories:
A class Marble: high-grade marble, with the same, excellent processing quality, free of impurities and pores.
Class B Marble: Marble characteristics approaching the former, but the processing quality slightly worse than the former; there are natural flaws, the need for separation of a small amount, gluing and filling.
Class C marble: the existence of some differences in processing quality, defects, pores, texture fracture more common. These differences repair medium difficulty, by separation, adhesive, filler or the reinforcement of these methods, one or more can be realized.
Class D Marble: Marble similar characteristics and C class, but it contains more natural flaws, processing quality difference is the greatest need the same way multiple surface treatment.
Some marble also to place of origin, color, pattern, etc. to name and divide.

There are one marble hotel project for your reference.



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